Baby Boomers and the Movies

According to Entertainment weekly, Hollywood might be getting over the age problem. Actors and actresses who hold an AARP card including Ian Mckellen, Lily Tomlin and Blythe Danner in recent years are landing leading roles in hit blockbusters. Hollywood is trying to compete with smartphones and tablets with young people, while the studios are attracting an older audience because moviegoers over the age of 60, will go out and spend their money here and now.

Moviegoers over the age of 60 account for 13% of all tickets sold in North America. They don’t want to wait for Netflix or Youtube to stream movies. Baby boomers want to see movies that reflect their life experiences, meaning they like to see actors their own age working successfully on screen such as Ian Mckellen who is 76 but, portrays a much older version of Sherlock Holmes at the age of 93 in his new movie Mr. Holmes out July 2015.   


By Julia Conlan