Online therapy

by Daegan Keyes

People see therapists for a variety of reasons. Some have diagnosed mental illnesses, while others are struggling with grief or temporary anxiety. Unfortunately, in-person counseling can be expensive, and many seniors have limited mobility. Some are unable to drive to see a therapist in a traditional setting. Online therapy allows people of all ages and abilities to access professional help with the stress in their lives.  E-counseling (“e” as in “electronic” or online) is a new, affordable way to seek help, and research suggests that it is as effective as in-person sessions.

Here are a few of the many online therapy options: offers online counseling at reasonable prices: $9 for the first online chat session, and $29 for a one-on-one video session with a therapist. There are also message boards on Talktala, which allow clients to talk to one another and a variety of therapists. allows clients to use their insurance to pay for online therapy sessions.  Most major insurance plans are accepted. Users can video chat with counselors for advice. is a subscription service that charges $35 or more per week. Clients can send unlimited messages to their counselors, and have a free phone session once per month. Other phone sessions are available for an extra fee.

Because of advances in technology, counseling is more accessible than ever, and more people can look forward to relief from their troubles.