What You’ll Look Like in 50 Years . . .

by Sarah Saxton

Many people have wondered what they will look like as they age. I personally hope that I age like Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Anniston. They look the same as they did when they were 20! But, now you no longer need to worry about this: there is a new high-tech mirror that can show you what to expect. The mirror makes assumptions based on your current behaviors, vitals, and bone/muscle structure in order to determine what you will look like after you age.

The concept behind the mirror is that the behaviors you exhibit today will formulate the way your body appears in the future. The creators of this mirror hope that it can be used as a tool to educate people on how their choices impact their future. They believe that people often believe that the poor aesthetic side effects of their choices will not happen to them. However, if they are put face-to-face with it, no pun intended, they may be more apt to make healthy behavior changes.